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SEVA - The Act of "True Service" Brings Clarity and Peace

On August 2nd, 2017 I began my drive to Espanola, New Mexico. I was going with the intention of taking the 28 day immersion Yoga Teacher training to become a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher.

For 3 months prior to this I had been traveling by the Grace of God playing my music freely for peace.  When I set out on my journey to New Mexico, I did not have the funds to take the class only enough to get there.  I was intuitively guided to go with a notion that the money would come.  When I arrived the night before the course, the funds had not shown up.  No one I contacted could offer me a loan and only 1 person gave me a bursary to get there. 

I stopped the car 20 minutes from Espanola and began to question why I was here.  Feeling a little depleted from the long drive, tears began to role down my cheeks.  It was like success always seemed just a step away.  I called a friend and her words soothed my soul she said, "Remember that the way we live our lives is unconventional from most.  Trust in your guidance that led you there and stay open." 

At that moment a rainbow appeared in the sky --- a sign to continue on anyways.  And so that is how life goes when you trust a calling and go anyways the miracles unfold even when you don't understand God's process.

On route to New Mexico stopping along the way to grace nature with my music.

20 minutes outside of Espanola Ashram

I called the Kundalini Yoga Ashram (Hacienda de Guru Ram Das)  It was Friday night around 6pm and I had no place to go. The Kundalini Yoga Teacher coordinator found me a place to stay for the night and encouraged me to connect with the SEVA program.  I had looked into this before venturing out this way but was not entirely sure what it was all about.  

A message engraved in a rock at an art studio in Jemez Springs, 45min from Espanola

I called Ram Krishan Singh the Director of the SEVA Program and he told me if I could get to a computer that night and fill out the application, he could review it overnight and interview me in the morning.  Wow... things were beginning to unfold in a beautiful way.  I met with him the next day and he went over the details.  I very clearly remember that first meeting, he was so genuine and peaceful I don't think I had ever met a person quite like that before.  He went over the details of the program and the costs.  I told him I had just that amount on me in cash and he said than just pay me on a weekly basis until you have more.  Such a high level of trustworthiness was my first surreal experience there.

The program consisted of:

- 20 hours of community service
- A Room & Daily vegetarian meals 
- 4 weekly Yoga classes and other Workshops on various topics
- A Morning practice of "Group Sadhana" - which consisted of:
   3am - wake up (suggested) cold shower
   walk to the Gurdwara (which I have to say was one of the highlights of my stay there being with the stars in the dark night sky and feeling the peace of that sacred early morning time.)
   3:40am - Japji morning prayers
   4:00am - Yoga
   4:45am - Chanting
   6:00am - Gurdwara service til 6:45am

At first I thought how could I get up that early but it actually became easy enough.  When you are in a field of peace life is just plain simply easier!  

I have for the longest time wanted to live meditation; which to me meant not only feeling the bliss & peace when I was seated cross legged and eyes closed, I wanted to live it in every moment.  I cannot say I am a full master yet however I have noticed that for the most part I find myself in a calm, peaceful state of presence more and more of the time.  

Years ago I declared that this is what I wanted and so it is manifesting for me.  From my experience "When you say what you want and it is in alignment with what God wants for you - it becomes your reality, very quickly."

I have also wanted to live in community with people on the spiritual path, where I was not around anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  For some reason most of my life friendships and relationships have been with people who partake in these substances.  Three months ago I said to God, "is there anyone out there who does not partake in these substances...?"  And shortly after that I found myself surrounded by the most loving and pure heart-filled people.

As I was driving to the ashram my intention for my own life, was to have a clear mind and to live a pure life.  Yogi Bhajan used to say that when people came to his kitchen and did dishes or service of any kind he would literally watch their karma's flying off their body.  SEVA is as I have experienced it is a cleansing, purifying process.  I had no idea how many blessings I was receiving by being there until I left, and the clarity from my time there came flooding in.

I asked one of the elders Guru Simirin, who knew Yogi Bhajan well, "What is the intention of this place, Hacienda de Guru Ram Dass?  Is it to amass a large group of people to come live in this community ?" Her response to me was; "This is the Mother Center, a teaching place, a retreat for people to come and to refuel their energies and then go back out into the world and return whenever needed."  She told me this will always be your home.  Which to a traveling spirit as I am, hearing those words was very comforting.

Yogi Bhajan felt it was important to not only learn the teachings but to share them as well.  I left the ashram to do just that.  At first I began showing people I met the meditations I had learned. 

Then one day I realized that it was not so much about the words as it was about the energy of who I had become.  And I literally began to watch people around me transform over night.  We can all do this... be a beacon of light for others...  by living a clean, pure life.  Knowing who we are with clarity gives others hope that they too can find their way HOME.   


Thank you to all my friends at the ashram for your joy and your teachings and your 
PURE, TRUE Presence.

If you found this article of interest and would like to have your own SEVA experience you can get more info at


 Above 2 pics of multicultural peace day event in town of Espanola

 Ashram Grounds

 Seva members offering food to the public as a service

 Every day home cooked meals - eaten together as a community in prayer

 Celebratory event - Yogi Bhajan's Birthday, Aug. 26th

 Day of Adventure - hike into Taos hotsprings by the Rio Grande

 Part of SEVA duties - Gardening

 Other part of SEVA - cooking for the community

Gurdwara Sunday Service

My last day at ashram was blessed by this double rainbow in the sky - Completion

A wall hanging in the woman's quarters - how true, and how sweet it is... REAL LOVE.

Yogi Bhajan - pic from Google images

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