Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Incredible Story of Miracle Healing and more Manifestations

Dear Fellow Human Spirit Beings,

   I hope this letter finds you well and happy. I want to share about what has happened in my life the past 3 months.  On April 30th, 2017 I packed all of my belongings into my car, and head out on the road to share my music along the southern California coast.  I have played at shopping malls, parks, beaches, hospitals, gravesites, in people’s homes and in the middle of nature alone – as a healing to the earth.  I did this freely as a service to shift people’s consciousness taking them out of the mundane busyness of life, and reminding them of the peace that can be achieved when you stop, listen and PLAY.  There have been many smiles and joy felt when people picked up the harp and experienced creating their own song.

I had anticipated booking healing sessions along the way to financially support my endeavors.  There were some however not enough to cover the costs.  I had to stop the journey for awhile. I found a short term home base where I re-evaluated my course of action, which brought me back to L.A. on a 3 week pet sitting job.

While I was there, I decided to return to Venice beach and play my harp for the passerby’s. One particular day a Native American medicine man sat down beside me and gave me a blessing, expressing how sacred my harp was and how important it is for me to share this with people.  When I returned to my car there were two full boxes of books with a note saying: FREE. It felt like a physical manifestation from the Holy man. I grabbed a few books, leaving the rest for others to enjoy the gifts.  One was an Instruction Manual to Kundalini Yoga.

            At the time I had been dealing with fatigue and digestion issues from the extensive travels, giving so much of my energy out and not receiving enough to maintain my health.  I thought my journey had come to an end.  I immediately began practicing the daily morning exercises.  Within 10 days most of my issues had dissolved.  I also noticed that I felt happier and more hopeful about my life in general.

Over the past 9 years, I have taken various yoga classes and have often thought of becoming a Yoga Teacher.  The other practices did not have the depth of spiritual connection I had been seeking for myself or that I would want to pass on to others as a teacher.  This is the first training that feels like ‘home.’  There is a deep recognition, as if I have done this before.

            It has become clear to me now that my path – is to Train, Balance and Strengthen my Mind & Body in becoming a Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher.  The education (which commences Aug. 5, 2017) will allow me to introduce a service that empowers people in their own spiritual growth.  I see Kundalini training as a way to achieve ultimate health, so that I may to continue serving others & the world.

If you feel called to support my MISSION & New Education of Service please consider making a contribution to my work.

PAYPAL: sedonahsunn@gmail.com  or

Make a spontaneous deposit and... step on up

 into RANDOM ACTS OF GIVING - it is so incredibly  rewarding.

Much Love,



Wednesday, May 31, 2017

What you Vision with Love & Joy comes true Quickly

I just looked back and noticed that only a few posts ago I wrote about the harp going International --- well it has.  I had not expected this but my guidance led me to Mexico.

At first when I got the insight I was excited, but as I drew closer to the border a nervousness came over me in that I did not have a map of the area I was going into, and I would not have phone or internet access to pull up a quick google maps as we so easily take for granted living in the US.  Now I would be fully relying on my higher instinct & my guiding angels.  

As I approached the border - on the California side it was sunny, and hanging over Mexico was this grey doom filled looking cloud... which was not making my desire to venture over any easier.

Somehow I found the courage and with that came this little voice saying: "just do it."  Before I knew it I was on the road to Mexico. NO USA RETURN said the road sign.  My heart beat was racing.  I had also just passed all these signs that said "Buy Mexico Car Insurance, Buy Mexico Health Insurance" which I totally ignored and set out on my path.

The traffic edged forward slowly towards the border.  We moved around a corner and then all the road lines disappeared, and it was now a free for all with cars going in all different pathways.  As the mass of cars funneled into the border crossing, I breathed deeply and hoped for the best.  I waited at the stop sign expecting to be asked for my passport but nothing.  There was a guard who appeared to be doing random checks and pulling certain cars over but no one looked at me.  So with some hesitation I edged forward and I was through not even showing my ID.  A complete opposite to the procedure that you go through to enter the US. 

Now the roads opened up again and it was a miracle how my car veered towards a sign that said "Rosarito Playas," - almost as if on auto pilot.  I knew playa meant beaches and that is where I wanted to go.  I found myself on a two lane highway ascending this very steep hill up, which was also so very symbolic for the ascension process I was going on.  As I climbed further up the mountain, the sun beamed it's beautiful LIGHT through the clouds and my whole body went into shivers. I felt the exhilaration of what I was doing at having overcome this built up fear.  Lesson learned: the fears always appear bigger and more menacing than they really are.  And my friends... the only way to overcome is to step in and walk through.  

My first night stay was in Rosarito.  I pulled off the highway when I saw the first sign that said "Hotel."  It was a tall modern looking building in the middle of a shopping mall.  Wasn't very authentically Mexican looking to me... but I needed a place so I went inside.  $90 a night and it had a sterile feeling... not for me.  I decided to keep driving.  The next one was much more authentic looking with orange stucco, and a tiled roof.  I walked into the lobby where a gentleman greeted me.  He spoke no English and I spoke a little Spanish so I managed to get by.  I looked at the board $31 a night now that felt right to me.  Oh but no.... I looked below at the prices and there was a room rental for 4 hours.  uhhh.. I knew what that meant.  I had a sickly feeling in my stomach yet thought the price was right so I asked the gentleman to show me a room. He took me upstairs and opened the door to a tiny room with a bed and no window.  Oh my God I thought are you serious? Not to mention some blaring loud music coming from a room down the hall.

I just knew I could not stay there, no matter how great the price.  Being a spiritual pilgrim my motto has been to eat what is given and sleep where it is offered but I do have some morals.  To stay happy and healthy on the trail it is important to have a very sharp intuitive street sense.  Learning to discern which situations are good and which are not so good, always choosing the higher road.  I did blast the place with LIGHT which is most likely why I was guided there in the first place and very happily moved on.

Listening to my intuition and continuing on even though the sun was starting to set proved very fruitful.  I found another nice Mexican motel, with a female inn keeper and the room was lovely for $33 a night.  

Wherever I go I do my work in bringing Peace, Light, Love & Joy -- blessing the places I stay, the lands I go to, and the people I meet.  Whether it is doing a sound healing in a hotel room, to playing in a back alley filled with garbage, to sharing my music with a beautiful Mexican woman and her children.  I go where I am guided to go.  

I began this story by saying, "What you Vision with Passion comes true Quickly."  I seem to have this incredible gift of manifestation for myself and for others.  

This last hotel I stayed at in Mexico was in the town of La Mission, called, Dmytri's Original La Fonda.  It was a place I had passed the day previously, and while driving by had said "I would like to stay there."   

I drove in the next night around 9 pm it was past dark and I was ready for another good night sleep.  The owner quoted me $100 for the night and that was high for what I wanted to spend.  I told her some of my story about being a pilgrim of peace sharing and blessing people with my music.  Upon hearing my story she immediately dropped the price to $70 and gave me the best room in the house.  I could see she had a heart and she connected with my mission.

What I have observed about the ability to MANIFEST things and experiences it comes easily and quickly when YOU ARE: 
  • in alignment with your soul's purpose
  • in service working for the betterment of the world
  • radiating love & joy
  • standing in integrity and truth

Thank you Sara at Dmytri's Original La Fonda for a beautiful stay and for believing in my MISSION.

Blessings from Sedonah Sunn, traveling Mystic & Healer.

You can catch me on the road or you can reach me by Phone.


I offer blessings to you.  I hold your Visions for you and reflect them back to you  -- so you too can find the courage within to live your dreams and follow your soul's calling.


Monday, May 15, 2017

The People You meet along the way - Makes the Journey Great

It has been 2 weeks now as a traveler and I am reflecting already on so many wonderful meetings.  First off would like to give thanks to Ayrin Fante  & her son Gio who hosted me for 4 months while I stayed in Mar Vista, CA... and gave me time to prepare for this Great Adventure. Living a 10 minute drive from the ocean was such a blessing and being surrounded by Ayrin's apothecary of essential oils was highly uplifting. I now use her oils to give blessings to those who come to me for healing's.  

Ayrin Fante in Playa Dey Rey, CA

I also had several nights stay with Therese Hartmann, who is a Mortgage broker in Ojai with a heart of gold.  She has done her fair share of travels from visiting her Guru in India to cycling the Camino trail in Spain. She also reminded me that some of the most deep spiritual guru's & teachers are working in regular jobs hidden from the public eye of recognized saint or celebrated zen yoga master.  Each person walks their own path to enlightenment and how that looks is entirely a unique and individual experience.  If you are lucky you will find the gems in the crowd.

 Therese & Sedonah at The Ojai Retreat, Ojai, CA

Another gem I met along the way is Cheyenne.  She is a true traveler been living this type of lifestyle for 27 years.  She started hiking with a back pack - just as Peace Pilgrim, never asking for food or shelter but was always taken care of.  When you are a traveler as I am it is always good to have friends who have traveled a similar path... so you can reach out for inspiration when needed.

Cheyenne & Sedonah in Ojai Westridge Market
 Such a happy, joyful and youthful woman who has fully embraced the path that means the most to her... the path of free spirited life.

The other things you learn on the trail of life as a traveler is the tricks of the road.  Met a man today who is full time on his bike with a small trailer on wheels.  He says his bed is under the stars wherever he lands.  Parks with lots of trees have too many bugs so he prefers to stay closer to the ocean breezes.  He used to live out of his car, and his suggestion for that was a battery operated fan - well worth the money on hot summer nights.

New friend and fellow traveler Anya - she has a home base in Ojai  for the time being, but in her heart she is a traveler too.  We connected instantly with our kindred spirits.  WE both love to create art & have a deep connection to nature where we feel most at peace.

Anya - Spirit Nature Angel

Where to eat?  This is a question you have to look at.  Eating at restaurants every night can be costly. Today I found an incredible resource - large health food stores usually have Food/Salad Bars.  Lazy Acres, which is a chain store has by far the best and freshest I have ever seen.  Watch the video below and you will see.  Highly recommend this one even if you are a local - great way to eat for anyone who is not interested in cooking. It's variety will satisfy even the pickiest of eaters.  

And the journey continues....

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Sedonah & the Harp go International & back in Time

Most people would think they need a plane ticket to go to London or to see the Wailing Wall of Israel.  And going back in time well - you would need a time machine for that! 

But not according to Sedonah Sunn - all you have to do is embrace the Magic.  And this... is easily done by committing to go on Spiritual Pilgrimage every day... and then all kinds of wonderful things happen.

1st step: Embrace the Magic

2nd step: Get on the right road... whatever that road is for YOU.

So as I journeyed down the Hwy 1 with no plan at all.... which I later found out from my angels is very important - when you let go of the PLAN you enter the phase of de-programming!!!  All the beliefs systems have to slip away so that you can get tuned into your clear angelic channel and then you can really fly... all over the world.

From receiving blessings by Saint Carmel in her golden aura... NewPort Beach, CA

To a visit to a Londonesque Phone Booth

To the Whaling Wall... well not quite Israel.... but sure is a cute title for an art piece!

And finally my step back in time.... Ruby's Diner in Laguna Beach - 1953 Buick!

A little stop off in Indian Self Realization Temple for some meditation & relaxation - Encinitas, CA

The journey continues tomorrow... still to be decided.  Each day has been filled with moments of enlightenment.... I am not saying there have not been some mind thoughts of "what exactly am I doing here?"  When those come up I ask my angels for a sign  -  "Do I continue on or turn around and go back to where I started?" 

So far the signs say I am doing good work in the world, and the messages are coming through the people I have been helping who are suffering in some way.  From a woman today feeling deep great grief after the death of her husband only a few months ago. She shared that they were together 55 years, and that she had not felt his presence since he left.  She was starting to lose hope in the magic they both spoke of when he was alive.  I told her to have faith and as I blessed her head the birds started chirping around us... "see" I said "your husband is talking to you."

Another healing today a little boy in tears with a bee sting on the sole of his foot.  The father was open to me giving him some healing.  I blew the light of healing into his foot and within moments the tears had subsided.  

I am just doing what Jesus spoke of when he said, "All that I can do, you can do also."  I am simply taking His words to heart and putting it to good use.  And to you I say also, "All that I can do you can do also."

Stay Light and Stay Connected, it's the only way to truly fly.

The Greatest Part of any journey is truly the people you meet along the way.  And we are all on some kind of Journey!!!

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Set an Intention and Shift your World

As I left Ojai on May 11th, 2017 - the last place I stayed where I had a community of people supporting me, to go on and venture into unknown territory as a traveler; these words came to me: 

"You will never be ready and...
You will always be ready!"

Which basically means that when you get called to take the Great Journey.... there will be many thoughts that say to you, you need more courage, more resources, more time to prepare.  The truth is the calling only comes when you are truly ready.  The purpose of The Great Journey is to get out of your head thoughts and start living completely on soul intuition and higher wisdom.

All I did... was start with an intention to shift human consciousness by SPREADING... LIGHT, LOVE, JOY & PEACE.  Other than that I have no plan.  When I first started fear came in about not having a plan - but that is only the mind that tries to create a sense of control to feel safe.  When you can be at peace in the unknown you will be at peace with every thing.

I do not know what or who I will meet each day that will give me the opportunity to fulfill my purpose.  I do know that I set an intention and without attachment to how that will look I will be guided appropriately. 

Why is letting go so important - because it is freedom.  And when I ask people what they most want the responses I hear are "happiness & freedom."  Both of these are self created - and no thing or person can give you this.  You could say with a lot of money I have freedom to do what I want.  Yes this is true... only if you have not let money enslave you.  

The Great Journey does not have to be a full ending of your current life situation.  I began months ago by taking a 'spiritual pilgrimage' one day a week.  I would take a day where I was not working and I let myself be guided without too much planning.  Then I started doing 2 days in a row until finally I was ready to go on full time spiritual pilgrimage.

My life journey will look very much different from yours.  You have to lead the life your soul came here to live. I encourage you to eventually go on full time spiritual journeying.  You can still have a regular job and life - you simply shift your intention allowing the people and situations you are presented with to have a deep meaning for your soul evolution.

Several years ago I hiked out into the Matilija Canyon forest with a tent and spent the night.  To some this may be looked at as overnight camping experience - however I had intended it as a 'Vision Quest' which was a completely different experience.  My totem animal at the time BEAR came to me twice in my dreams - Bear is protector.  He was giving me the courage back then to be doing what I am doing today.  And I feel incredibly protected.

Now how I start each day is with my white board writing: Today's Intention: 
The words I write may be: peace, deep healing, love, connections, grounding, etc. and than that is what comes to me in ways I would not expect.  When you have no expectations or attachment to outcome - YOU ARE FREE.  And life is AMAZING.

The great thing about the white board is the concept of wiping it away and beginning fresh each day.

Have fun.

from Sedonah Sunn - on the road to where today???.... she will see as it presents itself.

Monday, May 8, 2017

How does "CHANGE" make you feel?

As many of you know changing environments is something I do quite frequently. Someone asked me recently what is your constant to this I replied 'change' is my constant. 

When you think about it we are always changing, transforming, growing, letting go and bringing in. Have you ever asked yourself how does that make you feel.  Does it create worry or fear of uncertainty or is it exciting and adventurous?  Are you walking in this world with a; go with the flow mentality?

When I first began my journey back in 2000 on a backpacking trip through Australia... I didn't know why I was going there only that I needed a change from my way of being in the world.  At the time making loads of money and working long hours coming home exhausted.

That trip was the beginning of an initiation to what I am doing now 17 years later.  Any new journey takes courage, strength, devotion and commitment.  All of these traits harmoniously mixed together allows you to take the next step without knowing where or what will come forth.  And from my experience when you do jump... in to living the life you have only imagined... you will receive many signs along the way that will confirm your path.

Like this one I found on the sidewalk, while walking towards Venice Beach to go share my music of the harp.

Or these ones

We are given all the traits we need to live a beautifully fulfilling life.  All we have to do is foster them through dedicated practice and they will not go to waste.  

I have discovered that singing your dream, or painting your dream is a way to bring it forth more quickly.  When you get the calling to follow your bliss - time has no bearing any more - it is simply about moving in that direction.  Don't let the fears of uncertainty limit your progression.

Just before I packed all of my belongings in my car and left the room I was renting and steady work as a Massage Therapist in a L.A. spa, I got really sick.  I woke up one morning in a sweat and panic thinking I should postpone my plans of going on the road as a traveling healer.  My thoughts: "I should wait, I should save up more money, more resources, more..."

Let me tell you there are a million excuses of why you shouldn't and sometimes only a few of why you should.  It is up to you to discern what is most important, but I encourage you to not let fear get in your way.  I am reminded of a great expression that has lingered with me over the years.  It was from a workshop about being an urban pilgrim, and it goes like this....

"Feel the fear... and do it anyway."

I am a living example of the pilgrim who has taken the leap.  May my soulful journey through this life be an inspiration to what you are here to do.  

As an official 'homeless' being I now fall into the category of being able to bless all those I meet. Many years ago I studied with a wise sage and he shared with me that the role of a homeless person, a monk or a guru is to bless those who come to them.  My needs are few, and so I have less worries, meaning more time to give blessings and support to others!

First week on the road I have met the most amazing people - been given food, and a place to stay each night.

 Alexandra & Nicky came to play my harp in the park 1st day

 Nicky, Sedonah, Alexandra

 Sedonah & Leah Milan L.A. (my 1st overnight host)

Tony Miano L.A. (another host & bonsai gardener) & Sedonah

The ever unfolding Journey of Life

Monday, March 6, 2017

Follow the Soul - It will Transform your Life

As I tuned in for guidance this morning, preparing for a client's phone session this insight came through and it is definitely worth sharing.  Whenever I work with someone I get specific messages for them but this message was a universal message that needed to be shared globally.  Once you read it I encourage you to pass it on.

It began with me visioning the heart. When I began my holistic studies back in 2002, my school offered a visit to a cadaver lab.  It is there I first held a human heart in my hand.  What has most intrigued today about the heart is its action in the body.  Its job is to pump blood, and how it does this is by mechanically opening and closing..., opening and closing..., opening and closing.

Google Images

Have you ever heard the statements: FOLLOW YOUR HEART or LISTEN TO YOUR HEART IT WILL GUIDE YOU.  What came through in my meditation today is that symbolically by following the heart we are placing ourselves in a continuous start-stop action state.  

Ever get a feeling that you want to do something or be with somebody, and then when you proceed forward you find yourself stopped in your tracks - the mind comes in and you begin worrying, or analyzing if you are making the right choice. This is the symbolic action of following the heart. 

Rest assured there is GREAT HOPE.  It begins with a simple re-centering on who is guiding you. Reconnect with the one who can best move you forward on your right path with ease and grace. As it is this ONE who was with you when you were first born. Instead of following your heart, return to FOLLOWING YOUR SOUL.... FOLLOW YOUR SOUL'S PATH. 

The soul is not physical, you cannot touch it, or hold it in your hands, it is eternal, ever flowing, it is movement always aligning with truth, it is Love unfolding in every moment.

How do you get your life from where it is to where it truly wants to be?  It begins with this affirmation: I am aligned with my soul..., I am traveling my souls path.

As you affirm this statement daily, you will receive the clarity you have been looking for.  For some it will come very quickly for others you may need extra assistance.

My path is very clear to me.  I am a healer. I help people find more peace and balance so they can live their life with great purpose.  Many times in my life I have fallen into the pits of confusion only to come out and see what is true.  I can very much relate to where you are and what you are going through.  When you feel at a loss, know that you are in a good place because you will come to the surface and see clearly again.  

I am here as a guide on your soul's path.  If you feel drawn to me, then I encourage you to connect with me.  My healing is about bringing forth light, presence, and love, sharing my divine insights for you to use as it best fits into your life.

The insight has now been revealed: Follow your soul, and set your free. 

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