Thursday, February 15, 2018

Entering the year of the "DOG" Chinese New Year 2018

In a past post, I spoke of 2017 as the Chinese Calendar "Year of the Rooster" - The symbolism of this past year was all about waking people up to living more consciously.

Many people endured much suffering this past year, surviving natural disasters and such - all of it was good.  When you suffer you grow, you have a new perspective on what really matters.  

It is important to know that you can choose your suffering, and take yourself to the edge on your terms.  Or you can unconsciously live at the whim of what the Universe is throwing you way.  

That is where Kundalini yoga comes in.  It is much more than just a physical exercise it is actually a very high level of spiritual practice.  It's foundation is SERVICE to GOD, SERVICE to ALL, ACCEPTANCE & EQUALITY.

When you do the exercises and focus your attention on going further than you think your limit is, you triumph.  When you do this on a regular basis (of course being mindful of not causing any injury to yourself) - you create new brainwave patterns that allow you to go further in life - be it in your career, your goals, your relationships and your service to others.

AND.... you become empowered, no longer left to the whim of the universe or how other people are treating you.

Which leads us to the YEAR of the DOG.  Dog represents Loyalty, Happiness, Protection which you can nurture within yourself.  Dog on the contrary also can hold the energy of fear and can attack when threatened.  

I share this with you only to be mindful of people who come at you from this aggressive side.  Do your best to stand in your power and send LOVE, see their fear, and know that is not their true state.  Below is a link for a KUNDALINI YOGA KRIYA to develop TO ACCEPT ALL ASPECTS OF SELF.

In closing... this past year we were all given an opportunity to WAKE-UP and choose consciously how we want to live.  Now we move into the year of LOYALTY... to who... DOG - and what does D.O.G. spell backwards.......... GOD.  Loyalty to God.


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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

How does the Moon & the Eclipses effect your Life

Several years ago when I began walking the spiritual path.... I began opening up and becoming more consciously aware of... EVERYTHING.  From stopping to look at the beauty of a flower, to noticing signs - like bumper stickers with powerful messages or witnessing an animal cross my path, asking what medicine was it offering me?  What I mean by this is, animals who come to us... bring us messages.  If we learn to decipher these messages, they can bring greater awareness to what is going on in our own personal lives.

Pics by Sedonah Sunn

The moon, the sun, the clouds, and the astrological changes in our planetary system also  bring messages as well as can affect the nature & chemistry of our bodies.  Now, I am not an expert on astrology... but what I do know..., is the moon affects the tides of the ocean, which is a large body of water, and we as humans are largely made up of water.

Pics by Sedonah Sunn

You may notice at different moon times you may feel differently.  

For me personally over the past week I have been affected by this upcoming Lunar Moon Eclipse and have experienced some states of fear and anxiety that usually don't happen for me much anymore.  THANKFULLY & GRACIOUSLY I had a huge realization.... I had been getting caught up in this hype about potential negative effects of the eclipse on world events... by stories I had heard from others.  Be it people you know or media sources, it is so important to monitor what you let it into your consciousness, process it, and then evaluate what is true for YOU.

So I had to ask myself: is this the story I want to create?

Yesterday (day before the upcoming Jan. 31st, 2018 eclipse) I was out running errands and came across several store clerks who were very relaxed and grounded.  They were PILLARS of PEACE for me. I could see that I had the power to change my thoughts, and continue to walk my talk as as Peace Pilgrim, simply from having been in their presence.  

Does the moon & eclipses have powerful effects on our bodies and world events - yes, perhaps!  Do our thoughts have powerful effects on what we are creating in our reality - yes perhaps! 

If I had to choose I would rather be living PEACE over fear.

1st step: Realize what state you are operating out of
2nd step: Define the state that makes you the most happy
3rd step: Use your tools to get you there:

- Deep Breathing
- Meditation
- Drink lots of Water (my preferred water choice is distilled but find what works for you)
- Exercise (yoga, tai chi, chi gong, dance, going for a run, or nature hike, whatever works for you)
- Visualize scenarios turning out for the best and writing down that new story.  Seeing good things happen for everyone you know!
- SING - make up a new song for your life!

GO OUTSIDE & PLAY - put your TO-DO list and daily chores away.  Listen to your Soul and have a play-date together.

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And... if you are interested in investigating your Animal Messages this is a great resource site.

If you are interested in tracking the Eclipses here is another great resource site.


Saturday, January 20, 2018

Health Tip - Reduce Mouth Bacteria & Stay Healthy

I was guided to share this very important Health Tip: especially as we move into this Winter season.

I had heard that brushing your teeth first thing in the morning was important so I tried it according to Yogi Bhajan's method.

Which is:Upon waking - brushing your tongue from the back to the front until you get a gag reflex... and then spit.  It is said that overnight your mouth becomes like an incubator and many poisonous bacteria's are created.  If you don't spit it out first thing, you swallow it.

My experience was after doing it the first day I had a sweet, refreshing taste form on my taste buds... which was quite pleasant.  The next day when I woke up, I forgot to follow the procedure.  Upon my 1st swallow of the day, I consciously tasted a horrible solution going down into my belly.  By day 3 I had it now programmed into my daily routine, as I didn't want to repeat that unpleasant experience again!

Don't take my word for it -- try it yourself and see what happens.  You can read the article here on how to do it:

Google Images

The other piece you can add to this is: Oil Pulling.  After you have gotten most of the tough bacteria out, take a tsp of Coconut Oil and begin swishing it in your mouth through your teeth.  Do this for 3-15 minutes a day 1st thing in the morning, after you have brushed your tongue.  And then see how you feel.  There is lots of information on line if you want to know more, here is a link I found.

The last thing I will say about your mouth & teeth care is: I had a chance to work for the Alzheimer's Prevention organization, and one of the things they said had an affect on this disease was tooth care.  So to help keep your memory functioning, think about adding these very easy and quick tips to your daily routine.

May you stay healthy & strong, while victoriously rising above all the winter changes in season.


Sedonah Sunn

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Monday, January 8, 2018

A look at 2017 and what is coming for 2018


2017 = '7 Year' = GOD.... so it was a year to connect with God.  As you can see so much purging happened in the world.  Reason being most people only take the time to connect with God when they lose everything.  At that point in their lives they are no longer wrapped up in their material world objects and purpose of life shifts to higher awareness. 

It was also the year of the ROOSTER and what do roosters do.....  they WAKE PEOPLE UP! 

Some went through it without having to lose so much b/c their consciousness was already on God.  Those who haven't gone through it... will.  So be grateful that you intentions are set on living you life purpose in an awareness of Higher Consciousness.

2+0+1+7 = '10' NEW BEGINNINGS - when you lose everything, there is no where else to go but BEGIN ANEW.
Zen Garden in Burbank, CA

2018 = '8 Year' = ABUNDANCE some people talk of money not being good, or that we will eventually go without money - well in some ways we already are with the use of the plastic credit card - but true abundance does not mean we have to stop using money or go back to just doing trade - it means honoring the state that you always will have enough and you will always be taken care of.  

A very good way to make this happen is to tithe.  Tithing = Trust in God.  It keeps you in the flow of giving and receiving.  Personally I receive so much JOY from sharing my wealth of resources.  

Many people live in fear around money and hoard it.  If you just make a commitment to give your 10% back to God through whatever spiritual organization, or Mission, or maybe homeless person on the street, or just sending anonymous gifts out to others.... YOU are saying to God - thank you I know YOU are the source of all I have.

2+0+1+8 = '11' MASTERY double digits represent mastery--- so whatever your intentions are for this year - you will have loads of opportunities to really hone your skills.   And the two 11's = community - coming together with other like minded souls to create a very abundant & joy filled life!

 Swans at Paramahansa's Lake Shrine Temple in Los Angeles, CA

In keeping with a year of ABUNDANCE I have sent along a Meditation Kriya for Prosperity from the kundalini yoga practice.  I highly recommend... looking into Kundalini Yoga as an addition to your spiritual practices.  


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Thank You and Happy New Year.

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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Mistakes can lead to really Good things

It is December 28th, 2017 and 3 hours from my birthday which is tomorrow.  So to honor one of the things I love to do, I am baking peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.  For me there is something magical and I guess you could say alchemical about baking.  -- In a very short time frame you get to take single substances, combine them together and create something new and wonderful. 

It's also kind of like the world, many individual's walking the planet, and when you put us altogether we can, if we choose... create something really quite wonderful.

Alchemical meaning in Dictionary: any seemingly magical process of transforming or combining elements into something new 

The story I am about to tell you took place around 33 years ago when I was a young girl. The pic below shows me around that time frame.  Back then I was incredibly shy, and very much introverted. But something happened that cracked me open... just a little. 

My Grandma, Me (Sedonah) and My Sister

One particular day while my parents were out I decided I was going to surprise them all and make my favorite; peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.  So I got out all the ingredients, the flour, baking soda, eggs, P.B. butter, sugar, vanilla.

As I went down the recipe book list I added all the ingredients one by one - 1 cup P.B, 1 cup butter, 1 cup sugar, 1 cup vanilla.  The batter looked a little different than usual quite liquid-like but I continued mixing away, feeling so proud of my surprise for my family.  

I put them in the oven and baked them up.  When my family returned home I shared my joy.  "Look what I did," feeling very proud of myself.  I remember my father who also has a very strong sweet tooth, taking a bite.  And then immediately saying, "yuck, these taste terrible."

I slumped in my seat.  He asked me what I did and I showed him the recipe book which I thought, I had followed very diligently.  1 cup P.B, 1 cup butter, 1 cup sugar, 1 cup vanilla..... 1 cup vanilla... oops it had said.... 1 tsp vanilla!!!!! 

I was so distraught I ran to my room crying... for one I was really looking forward to eating the cookies and two I was so embarrassed of my mistake.  My father tried to console me but it didn't work, I was too upset.


Now why I call this article "Mistakes can lead to really Good Things.... "

.... is because several months later I was sitting in class and my 6th grade teacher gave us an assignment.  The assignment was to write a 3 minute speech on a topic of our choice and then present it to the class.  Now being the incredibly shy kid that I was, this task had me shaking in my seat.  I could hardly handle having the teacher ask me a question in class, never mind getting up in front of all my fellow students. This was just too much.

I went home in terror.  I sat starring at a blank piece of paper not knowing what to write.  Then it dawned on me I could tell the story of my baking fiasco, which I had now healed from.  As I wrote the story I really got into it.  And by the end of it, I could see all the humor in the whole event.

Then the doom day arrived, it was time to present it.  I was shaking in my skin, I could barely feel my legs as I walked up to the front of the class.  And then something took over, call it angel intervention... and the words came out of my mouth.  It was flowing, I had the classes full attention and when all the funny parts came in, everyone laughed at just the right time.  I was smiling inside.  It was a hit..., I was a hit.... I had broken through my fear of speaking in class and with great success.  I felt a wave of acceptance from all of my class mates.

I ended up winning 1st place in the class competition and went on to speak at the provincial championship "Concours D'Art Oratoire"  I didn't win at that level but I wasn't bothered by that as I had made it there... and to me that was a huge success!!

So I ask you this, "Are there mistakes..., or are these so called 'mistakes' really opportunities for your future success.  

In a few days we come into 2018.... what will you create this year?  How will you turn everything you touch into a magical alchemical experience?

I am a really great manifestor, not because I think I am... rather because my huge list of miraculous stories are proof enough of the power we all have.

If you want to create something in your life don't just think it.... you have got to EMBODY THE DREAM, so I encourage you to draw it, write it, paint it, sing it, dance it, and then..... live it.

Most of all... have fun... all.... along... the way!!

SAT NAM - honor your true nature and you will always be guided to your next greatest opportunity and success.

Love you all,

Sedonah Sunn

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35 years later from above pic of me as a young girl
Happily going out in public playing my music.

Monday, December 4, 2017

True Story of Manifestation 1 - Painted my friend back to Life

What is manifestation and how do we create what we want or need in this life?  I realized that the power of manifestation had been with me for years, and it was after sharing some of my stories with my dear friend Roz Reynolds ( - who is a great psychic and life counselor, that she confirmed what the secret to manifestation is.  It is..... simply..... HOLDING A CHILD LIKE EXPECTATION THAT ALL IS POSSIBLE, and not letting any doubts creep in!

Now I love how Jesus said, "everything I can do you can do also and even greater."  Right there in the great texts we have been given the go ahead to manifest, to inspire, to heal, to awaken.  And truly that is my sole/soul mission on this planet... this is why I write and share these stories with you.

This past summer I..., in a very unique way I brought my dear friend/mentor/spiritual mother back to life..!  I met Nan in the summer of 2011.  I knew she was guided into my life because of some circumstances that had deeply hurt my soul months before.  Six months previous to that encounter I had been living with my sister in my uncle's house.  At that time my family decided they needed to have an intervention on my life... because I was not living a life they could understand. They could not comprehend why I would not stay in relationships or jobs for any 'normal' length of time, why I was continually moving around from place to place and barely had much money really to support myself. Truth be told many spiritual aspirants tread the path of the "renunciate."  It is only when you release your attachments to people, places and things that you begin to see the deeper meaning of life. 

It was not easy to lose the family support, but it also made me more committed to go on my own way.  In doing so I began to meet people, who were a lot like me.  People who had begun searching, or who had already journeyed quite far down this sometimes lonely yet highly rewarding path. 

Some of you reading this may also have experienced this kind of story, feeling the pain of separation from those you thought to be your greatest supporters were now tearing you apart and looking at you as if you had lost your mind.  Which as you will discover on the spiritual path to seek God and to see God the mind, the human worldly mind must dissolve. 

Needless to say the rejection from your birth tribe, propels you to go out into the world on your own.  It takes courage, strength and determination to rise above all the emotions but when you do... victory, success, true wisdom and happiness is awaiting you.  

When I pulled away from my birth family, is when I met these two amazing spiritual ladies came into my life.  They were exactly what I needed.  

Ilonka Di'Aura & Nan Cowdrey

Nan was 92 years old when I met her and she was such a bright light.  She not only saw me...., she recognized me.  She was a great support to me, simply by being who she was.  She was a friend, a spiritual mother and a teacher - without ever giving me a lesson.  It was her vibration and her commitment to her own spiritual path which was the transmission I was so blessed to receive from her.

We had two years of time together before she passed at the age of 94 years old.  This picture below shows her radiance only months before.  She radiated this incredible light... and beauty -- the kind of beauty that cannot be bought with vitamins or makeup, it comes from years of devotion to God and to serving others.

Nan in her favorite place - Mt. Shasta

It was sad when she left her body from the earth and ventured into spirit form.  She didn't like to talk about death b/c she knew, that what you talk about you create.  The only thing she would ever say to me is that when it was her time to go, she was going to go quickly and was not about to stick around being sick in her body.  One day while sorting her many papers and endless notes from being a writer, she simply fell down, and she was gone. I know she still watches over me..... and this story proves it.

The years passed and I went on to continue my spiritual journey.  Nan was a traveler and she instilled that in me as well.  When you carry a lot of light, you often get directives to move around and share it with many people.  Hence, while my parents couldn't understand, the constant changing of jobs, relationships, houses, cities...  I knew there was a great purpose in every step I was taking.

Four years after Nan's passing I felt guided to paint her portrait.  I had enjoyed my creative painting with acrylics which became a collection of animal pictures. I had never painted a human portrait, and to be honest it took me some time before I actually had the courage to do it.    

I loved my friend so dearly that I didn't want to paint a misinterpretation of her, so I was a bit nervous about getting it just right.  Once I got started it all came together.  As always I just let my hands move over the canvas without much thought.  As I put the last drop of paint on the canvas I felt quite pleased with my creation.

It wasn't more than half an hour after completing her portrait did I get a call from Cheyenne who goes by the name, "Mama Bear."  I had heard about her and was advised that we needed to meet.  All I knew is that she was a 72 year old traveler who had been living this 'on the road' lifestyle for 27 years.  And I.... at the time was raring to go on the road myself, play my music and fully embody the free spirit I had always wanted to be.  

In past I had ventured out on the road for short bursts, however my desire or shall I say my destiny to pack all my possessions into my car and put my steering wheel into God's hands was calling me to action.  It was time I took the leap and when I did I never looked back. 

That is another part of manifestation - when you get the 'green light' to go for it, don't hold back, don't second guess it, and definitely do not tell anyone who doesn't think it's going to be a good idea... because that will most likely bring you down.  To manifest positive things you have got to be happy, positive, confident, and be in action to serve. You have to have a thick skin when it comes to living your dreams, and you have to be able to walk away from negative talk and keep on trucking.

Now back to coming to the end of this wonderful story. I finished the canvas and called Cheyenne, she was just down the street from where I was staying.  When I met her it was like meeting my friend Nan in the body, she had a similar look, she definitely lived a spiritual life and did not let others shake her from her path.  It was an instant connection.  She totally got me and honored who I was and I loved her joy and light that reminded me so much of Nan.

I have to say, she doesn't replace my good friend Nan, but I do feel like I got my friend back who I can see and chat with and hug.  I painted Nan and she returned to me in a very unique way through sending me a kindred spirit angel.

Sedonah Sunn & Nan Cowdrey (summer 2011)
Cheyenne "Mama Bear" & Sedonah Sunn (summer 2017)

When I finally put these 2 pictures together side by side you can see a striking resemblance in facial features and also in energy.  I believe that why my friend Nan was able to re-enter my life in in this new way, is because there was no longer sadness about her loss, there was only joy and appreciation that she had been with me... for the years she was.

So my final words on this story is.... if life is not turning out the way you wanted, paint a new story and see what you can manifest.

p.s. I have in the last year, had a reunion with my birth family and found peace.  A sign of true healing is when you can forgive those who rejected and criticized your way of life, then you are truly free.

That's all for now from, 

Sedonah Sunn 

Still the "Happy Pilgrim" while now enjoying a new home base in Rimrock, AZ.  After spending 6 months living out a destiny of mine to go out on the road, I am happy to be graced with renting a little studio and a piece of land that overlooks the mountains and the big blue sky!

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Saturday, October 28, 2017

SEVA - The Act of "True Service" Brings Clarity and Peace

On August 2nd, 2017 I began my drive to Espanola, New Mexico. I was going with the intention of taking the 28 day immersion Yoga Teacher training to become a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher.

For 3 months prior to this I had been traveling by the Grace of God playing my music freely for peace.  When I set out on my journey to New Mexico, I did not have the funds to take the class only enough to get there.  I was intuitively guided to go with a notion that the money would come.  When I arrived the night before the course, the funds had not shown up.  No one I contacted could offer me a loan and only 1 person gave me a bursary to get there. 

I stopped the car 20 minutes from Espanola and began to question why I was here.  Feeling a little depleted from the long drive, tears began to role down my cheeks.  It was like success always seemed just a step away.  I called a friend and her words soothed my soul she said, "Remember that the way we live our lives is unconventional from most.  Trust in your guidance that led you there and stay open." 

At that moment a rainbow appeared in the sky --- a sign to continue on anyways.  And so that is how life goes when you trust a calling and go anyways the miracles unfold even when you don't understand God's process.

On route to New Mexico stopping along the way to grace nature with my music.

20 minutes outside of Espanola Ashram

I called the Kundalini Yoga Ashram (Hacienda de Guru Ram Das)  It was Friday night around 6pm and I had no place to go. The Kundalini Yoga Teacher coordinator found me a place to stay for the night and encouraged me to connect with the SEVA program.  I had looked into this before venturing out this way but was not entirely sure what it was all about.  

A message engraved in a rock at an art studio in Jemez Springs, 45min from Espanola

I called Ram Krishan Singh the Director of the SEVA Program and he told me if I could get to a computer that night and fill out the application, he could review it overnight and interview me in the morning.  Wow... things were beginning to unfold in a beautiful way.  I met with him the next day and he went over the details.  I very clearly remember that first meeting, he was so genuine and peaceful I don't think I had ever met a person quite like that before.  He went over the details of the program and the costs.  I told him I had just that amount on me in cash and he said than just pay me on a weekly basis until you have more.  Such a high level of trustworthiness was my first surreal experience there.

The program consisted of:

- 20 hours of community service
- A Room & Daily vegetarian meals 
- 4 weekly Yoga classes and other Workshops on various topics
- A Morning practice of "Group Sadhana" - which consisted of:
   3am - wake up (suggested) cold shower
   walk to the Gurdwara (which I have to say was one of the highlights of my stay there being with the stars in the dark night sky and feeling the peace of that sacred early morning time.)
   3:40am - Japji morning prayers
   4:00am - Yoga
   4:45am - Chanting
   6:00am - Gurdwara service til 6:45am

At first I thought how could I get up that early but it actually became easy enough.  When you are in a field of peace life is just plain simply easier!  

I have for the longest time wanted to live meditation; which to me meant not only feeling the bliss & peace when I was seated cross legged and eyes closed, I wanted to live it in every moment.  I cannot say I am a full master yet however I have noticed that for the most part I find myself in a calm, peaceful state of presence more and more of the time.  

Years ago I declared that this is what I wanted and so it is manifesting for me.  From my experience "When you say what you want and it is in alignment with what God wants for you - it becomes your reality, very quickly."

I have also wanted to live in community with people on the spiritual path, where I was not around anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  For some reason most of my life friendships and relationships have been with people who partake in these substances.  Three months ago I said to God, "is there anyone out there who does not partake in these substances...?"  And shortly after that I found myself surrounded by the most loving and pure heart-filled people.

As I was driving to the ashram my intention for my own life, was to have a clear mind and to live a pure life.  Yogi Bhajan used to say that when people came to his kitchen and did dishes or service of any kind he would literally watch their karma's flying off their body.  SEVA is as I have experienced it is a cleansing, purifying process.  I had no idea how many blessings I was receiving by being there until I left, and the clarity from my time there came flooding in.

I asked one of the elders Guru Simirin, who knew Yogi Bhajan well, "What is the intention of this place, Hacienda de Guru Ram Dass?  Is it to amass a large group of people to come live in this community ?" Her response to me was; "This is the Mother Center, a teaching place, a retreat for people to come and to refuel their energies and then go back out into the world and return whenever needed."  She told me this will always be your home.  Which to a traveling spirit as I am, hearing those words was very comforting.

Yogi Bhajan felt it was important to not only learn the teachings but to share them as well.  I left the ashram to do just that.  At first I began showing people I met the meditations I had learned. 

Then one day I realized that it was not so much about the words as it was about the energy of who I had become.  And I literally began to watch people around me transform over night.  We can all do this... be a beacon of light for others...  by living a clean, pure life.  Knowing who we are with clarity gives others hope that they too can find their way HOME.   


Thank you to all my friends at the ashram for your joy and your teachings and your 
PURE, TRUE Presence.

If you found this article of interest and would like to have your own SEVA experience you can get more info at


 Above 2 pics of multicultural peace day event in town of Espanola

 Ashram Grounds

 Seva members offering food to the public as a service

 Every day home cooked meals - eaten together as a community in prayer

 Celebratory event - Yogi Bhajan's Birthday, Aug. 26th

 Day of Adventure - hike into Taos hotsprings by the Rio Grande

 Part of SEVA duties - Gardening

 Other part of SEVA - cooking for the community

Gurdwara Sunday Service

My last day at ashram was blessed by this double rainbow in the sky - Completion

A wall hanging in the woman's quarters - how true, and how sweet it is... REAL LOVE.

Yogi Bhajan - pic from Google images